Apr 19, 2012


After our first time to the Chicago Theater in January for Lenny Kravitz and Raphael Saadiq (see the earlier post Are you gonna go my way?), we returned last week for another energy-filled performance. This time it was Rodrigo y Gabriela, the acoustic guitar wizard duo that started off as a trash metal band in Mexico, and moved to Ireland to play the local pub scene in search of recognition. You can't make this stuff up.........

They were accompanied by the Cuban orchestra C.U.B.A., who added a nice rumba twist to their incredibly fast-paced guitar riffs. In particular Gabriela Quintero was jamming like a mad girl on her rhythm guitar, tapping with one hand on the large wooden guitar case to create fast castagnette like rhythms, slamming it to create a deep underlying base, and still playing flamenco riffs. All at the same time! We have never seen someone becoming so much one with their instrument, and as possessed as she was.

In stark contrast, she seems a shy and giggly teenage girl when introducing the next song or the good cause they were supporting. Short in words, and far from mastering the English language, she summed it up nicely when saying about C.U.B.A.: "much cha cha cha, me too much bla bla bla". They played the roof off beautiful Chicago Theater.

Gabriella with an extra "l" was still recovering from a bad cold, but was one shiny bunch of happiness recalling her well-meant but unsuccessful teenager acoustic guitar lessons and seeing what greatness her namesake has achieved with the same instrument. 

If you have the chance to see them live - highly recommended! My only point of criticism about this duo is their lack of fantasy when naming their website "RODGAB.com". GABRIGO would have sounded so much nicer. Says GABROEN.

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