May 20, 2012

Pre-battle fluffiness

Remember our front yard a.k.a. parade ground covered with dandelions, GABROEN blogged about earlier (see Gazillions of dandelions)? Well, they are gone, disappeared, verschwunden, nix, nada left. And no army of parachute seeds gently floating in the breeze coming of Lake Michigan, as we hoped for in the same blog post. In stead, a very sudden end to our field of gazillion yellow dots turned white. The perpetrators? That other army, of course. The army of landscapers, coming in with their loud mowers, driving fast, bumping so much on the uneven terrain that they have to cling onto their chairs and steering handles to hold on to their dear lives, or at least to their dear spines.

These dandelions are pretty remarkable in evading the mowing blades, but once in their seeding stage there's no safe harbor for the tiny seeds. Fortunately the picture below shows how fluffy and pretty it all as, only a few hours pre-battlefield.

We just learned that plans to turn the parade ground back into a golf course (as it has been for years when the army was still here) are abandoned. Surprisingly, no one saw viability in commercializing the eighth golf course in a 5 mile radius. At least that battle was won. We won't be seeing an army of golf carts any time soon........

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