Aug 5, 2012

Beading With Friends

Today GABROEN went to Beading With Friends, a local club of bead artists that meets monthly in Highland Park. Gabri is a "long term" member, joining the moment we moved to Illinois, but today was Jeroen's first. When blogging about anything that was said, shared, disclosed or blurted out at these club gatherings, the names of other club members will be changed in order to protect their identity, and any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental. Why putting these rules in place? Well, let me list, in no particular order, some of the topics that were discussed today:

  • velcro not being a useful tool in Puerto Vallarta;
  • one can never have too many bowling balls in one's garden;
  • three incestuous sisters;
  • olympic pee;
  • loving Dutch Babies for breakfast, with powdered sugar;
  • a party to celebrate someone's passing, or a surprise funeral;
  • an elderly woman kneeling down with a glass tabletop on her back, pretending she was a coffee table;
  • space poo, and where the heck it goes;
  • wishing for an "amazing raise" from the casket at one's own funeral, right around the third verse of "Amazing Grace";
I rest my case. Suffice it to say this is months worth of blogging material.

It is a lot of fun to spend your Sunday with crafty, crazy, nifty and witty minds. GABROEN is renewing its BWF membership. Thanks to all Bee Wee eFfers, in particular Nancy (as stated above, not her real name..........). See you next time.

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