Feb 21, 2012


My birthday is coming up later this week, and since GABROEN moved to the US we have tried to start a tradition of celebrating this with my parents in Florida. It actually worked out for four out of the six years so far. This year, they swung by Chicago with New Year's (see Parents in the attic, uuuh arctic) and went from a brisk 10 degrees F walk along Fort Sheridan Beach to numerous balmy 80 degrees F hikes along Fort Myers Beach.
GABROEN arrived here on Sunday, and as an exciting prelude to my birthday I already received an awesome present at Monday breakfast. A fascinating, creative, fantastic fisheye lens - one of the things from my wish list coming out of our Tucson weekend of photographic magic last month. I got it in advance of my birthday, so I could start using it straight away and use Florida as a backdrop for fisheye wonderland experimentation. In case you want to know, it's a 7.5mm lens with about 150 degrees angle of field. And even if these facts do not interest you in the least, check out the things coming out of experimenting with this beauty, yesterday while hiking in Fort Myers Beach, and today on Sanibel Island. I'm so pleased with it, and grateful that I got it already in advance. Double-click on the pictures to see a larger image. Fisheye rules!

Keep your eyes out for more fisheye. There will definitely be more, much more coming from this thing.
GABROEN on behalf of Jeroen


  1. What a wonderful gift for you. Look forward to the pictures!

  2. Hi Gabroen,
    De foto's zijn fantastisch. Veel plezier met je nieuwe lens. Groeten voor jullie alle vier. Marianne