Feb 25, 2012

A Florida B-day

Today is the day Jeroen is adding another year. Celebrations already started early this week with the fabulous fisheye lens (see also the last post). Experimenting with it was a lot of fun, and there's still a lot to learn to make sure that the lens' distortion makes your subject's body mass index more in stead of less favorable. But if the picture is good, the wide angle of the shot helps create a whole story. Also, it's the first lens I ever worked with that actually does not limit the image to less than what your eyes see, and that is pretty sweet. Click on the pictures to get a higher resolution image; these large thumbnails in the blog posts are an odd thing when posting from an iPad.

Today was also the day when the early evening sky showed Pisces accompanied by a tiny waxing moon, Venus, Uranus, Mercury and a hint of Jupiter. All these constellations gathering around over the Gulf of Mexico to celebrate my birthday down in Florida. My Venus was also around, and there is nothing more I could wish for.

GABROEN, Jan and Tine spent today in Naples, Florida's "members only, club card required" town. It is entertaining to watch and stroll around for an afternoon, and somewhat of a relief to be able to leave behind. Even in this haven of the wealthy under-taxed, it is nice to see entrepreneurial spirits start an all organic ice-cream business serving crazy flavors like cardamon or mango-chili. Too bad for them that the taste was nothing out of the ordinary. Their claim to adhere to German hygiene laws is not gonna save them, but bless them for trying............

Yes, my Venus was around. Being her happy self, contaminating the world with her radiating smile and her hair all bouncing curls again because of the warm humidity in the air. She really inherited her thermostat from her dad. And Nina Simone was singing on the car radio "Here comes the sun", in a manner, well............. only Nina can. A beautiful day indeed.

GABROEN on behalf of Jeroen


  1. Hi Jeroen,
    Leuke verjaardag heb je gehad. Het verhaal van de ijs smaakjes begreep ik niet helemaal. De foto's (vooral de eerste) zijn schitterend. Goede reis naar Chicago. Marianne

  2. Cool pictures. Sounds like you had a great birthday!

  3. That fish eye has such a crazy perspective! It's a love/hate relationship for me. ha ha! I love this last photo of "your Venus". Even though she's walking away, you can tell she's happy and radiant.

    Hugs to you both!


  4. Happy Birthday! It is a good thing when a man take the time to publicly acknowledge his love, I love that !

  5. I'm a happy and lucky lady! :) Gabriella