Mar 2, 2012

Purring in the sun

Gabri is back to Tucson to help with the final (?!?) stretch of the beading book in the making by Kate, Jean and Dustin. The book is most definitely going to be worth every penny, delica bead, peyote stitch and air-mile traveled; if those Fabulous Four put their minds in sync or in synergy, spectacular things happen. Also, I have seen some of the projects and some of the pictures (so can you in the earlier posts Another marvelous day in the desert and The 'no name will do it justice' experience), and these are even before Kyle Cassidy added his signature spin on them. So trust me, the book is going to be beadalicious.

What better place to be than Tucson, when the Chicago winter is dreading on. Although the 2012 winter is overall still pretty mild, there's another storm coming tomorrow afternoon with up to 6 inches of snow in the forecast. Much better to be purring in the Arizona sunshine. Enjoy, bead magicians, and take in that vitamin D. As in delica with a capital D, or as in a big smiley :D

GABROEN on behalf of Jeroen

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