Mar 24, 2012

Lake effect

As I said earlier I'm not turning GABROEN into a political blog. Even though Aristotle famously said that "man by nature is a political animal", after two millenniums I would argue it's time for an overhaul. We only occasionally talk about politics, but always chat about the weather. Case in point: what's the number one trait that the British say defines being British? Not a stiff upper lip, not being experts in polite queuing, not being drunk - although all of these traits ended up in the top 5. No, the number one trait that defines the Brits is talking about the weather. Very moist, humid weather, like we had for the last two days in Northern Illinois. So yes, this blog post is again about the weather.

Weather is a much more grateful subject than politics anyway. Both for photography and for writing blog posts. The English language has dozens of words to describe different forms of rain, the Finns use over 50 words for frozen precipitation and the indigenous Sami people in Northern Scandinavia even have over 150 words for different kinds of snow. So the richness of language is endless for describing the weather, and a blogger's dream topic. Even something as dreary and dull as the automated voice giving the local forecast on The Weather Channel's 'Local on the 8s' can turn into a poetry recital with descriptions like 'considerable cloudiness'.

So how to describe yesterday's weather around here?

Patches of dense fog
The lake spills airily
Moisturizing the budding spring
Lining cherry flowers
With drops of Swarovski


  1. Replies
    1. That seemed to best fit the situation: walking outside in the fog, looking at the flower buds, thinking about what Gabri was doing in SoCal's Swarovski epicenter :)

  2. I wondered what Marcia would say to that.

    Lovely post, though, really!

    How's the biking? I have a new obsession... The WorkCycle's Secret Service bike in a step through frame. I think I'm in love....

    Enjoy your moisturized air,

    1. Looks like Amsterdam will be your love capital - there are literally millions of such bicycles in Holland. Both Gabri and I just to own one each. Mine was a long model, and we used to call it "the iron horse"

  3. HI gabroen
    Wat een mooie foto's en leuke fietsverhalen. Ook hier in Breda is het lente en is het genieten van de voorjaars zon. De politiek is een groot probleem op dit moment. Nederland staat er niet zo goed voor in Europa. Niet getreurd de zon schijnt en dat is ook belangrijk. Groet, Marianne