Jun 22, 2012

GABROEN's 20th.....

Believe it or not, but this week was GABROEN's 20th birthday. And it has been a great ride. Twenty years ago to this very day: one broken ankle and one eerie green face in the middle of an intersection during morning rush hour, in front of all of GABROEN's coworkers.  Exactly ten years ago: gone down on one knee in front of all of Gabri's coworkers. And 9 years ago on this very day: a joyful but uncomfortable backward bend of one back in front of the lens of an obsessed Sienese photographer and in front of GABROEN's family and friends.

Yes, it has been a great ride indeed, and GABROEN is very much alive and kicking. The stars are aligned, the Big Dipper is watching over us. Looking forward to the next 20........  

Big Dipper over GABROEN


  1. Gefeliciteerd!! Alweer zo lang!? Tssss. En dan nog zo mooi en jong op de foto. Well done :-) Bij jullie volgende bezoek opteer ik voor een fotoshoot. Kus, Judith

  2. Wonderful, here is to another 100 years together!! Jo

  3. Happy Anniversary, your love is special, great photo.