Jun 15, 2012

On the road again - southbound

Guess who's playing in Atlanta's Chastain Park tonight...........? Willie Nelson! He's on the road again, this time southbound. We could have known, because to me the best song of his concert in Waukegan IL was "Georgia on my mind". I'm sure he's playing that tonight as well, and I'm sure the roof will be going off when he does.

And guess who headed there yesterday.........? Gabri! She's spending the long weekend with Jeff, Jo, pineapple margaritas, shopping in Lenox, dinner in Decatur with Sara and Matt, hanging out on the porch at night with a orchestra of cicadas on the background, etc, etc.

Sounds pretty darn good to me. Guess I still have Georgia on my mind. Guess I should be on the road again some time soon. Southbound.

GABROEN on behalf of Jeroen

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