Jul 31, 2012


Today is my mom's birthday, and to celebrate that I thought it fitting to give an update on the wasp family on our back deck (see the earlier post: Little household tasks). Well, Mother Wasp - or is it Queen Wasp? -  seems to be gone, all eggs have hatched, and the last offspring is huddling together to brace for a cooler evening breeze. They are drying their orange wings, trying them a bit awkwardly.

I'm sure they will soon spread them to venture out into the big beautiful world, just like my mom's offspring. This may have been the longest birthday for her, as she received a text from one granddaughter early in the morning out of Australia, and best wishes out of the Americas much later, from me and one of my brothers who is vacationing in Colombia.

And just before the day closes here: GABROEN wishes you a very happy birthday and a great year traveling the big beautiful world, mom!

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