Jul 16, 2012

The sweet South

GABROEN just returned from a 4-day trip to the sweet South. Hilton Head Island, a barrier island along the southernmost tip of South Carolinian coastline. The reason for the trip: a workshop, as well as some quality beach time at the Atlantic ocean. In other words: working, networking, working on a tan, working on easing your mind. And the location turned out to be pretty well suited to catalyze all of these. The workshop location was beachfront, with flocks of pelicans cruising back and forth leisurely on the warm breeze all day long, not needing to work their wings at all, and apparently just because they liked it.

In stark contrast, tanned baywatch hunks and babes were very impressive, racing each other like madmen/women when taking down the lounge chairs and umbrellas from the beach at 5PM sharp.

The sand was smooth as marble and the ocean water warm as a bath. Strangely warm actually, too warm to be refreshing during the day, but deliciously soothing during a late evening walk. Subject to large fines, any lights facing the beach need to be off by 10PM so that the local loggerhead turtles (either the nesting moms or the hatched little ones) are not disoriented in their quest to return to the ocean. That makes for nice stargazing, but also for a beach lit up by many flashlights, as the local pastime is to catch tiny fish, shrimp and crabs barehanded in the receding evening tide.

Flying into Savannah, Georgia was somewhat of a homecoming for us after living in the Big Peach for 4.5 years. The Southern hospitality, friendliness, and more leisurely pace, combined with the subtropical humidity and summer thunderstorms, embraces you from the very moment you arrive.

The South is sweet indeed, and soothes the mind. That's why it's a sweet thing to have Georgia on our mind.........

Gahbrome (that's GABROEN in a Southern drawl)


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  2. Did you get to go together? How wonderful! I never got to Hilton Head, but I adore the Atlantic Ocean.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time! Next time you'll be down, for goodness sake, let me know. I'd love to reconnect with ya both.