Dec 17, 2011

Return to the digital era

You pleaded, begged, scolded, and ultimately convinced us: after months of absence and distancing from social media, untweeting and inactivating Facebook accounts, Gabroen has returned to the digital era with the very first post on a brand new blog. So you will be able to follow both his/her exciting and less exciting story-telling, creations and daily life observations.
The very first post starts with this year's first winter wonderland where Gabroen came out of hibernation this morning. The first inch of snow dusted the Northern Illinois lakefront.

Stay tuned. You asked for it...........


  1. Glad to know that you made it through your first dreadful winter!

  2. Gabroen! The "Branjelina avant-la-lettre"! Or, for the Nederlandse-roddelperslovers among us, "Yowes" natuurlijk ;-)

  3. @Liz: yes, still here. How r u doing? Let's call...........

    @Janine: we had no clue who Yowes are, so we googled them. That only linked to a (famous?) poem: "ca' the Yowes to the knowes". But we figured it out. Later more on the poem