Dec 19, 2011

Holiday wishes from Gabroen's mom(-in-law)

Today we received the beautiful product of the explorations of digital media by Marianne, Gabri's mom; an e-holiday card made from a picture she took. We already knew artistry is in the van Diepen genes, but she now has some serious digital creative juices flowing.

The picture was actually taken in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, the hometown of electronics giant Philips. So forget about Paris being the city of lights, that's for overly romantic souls. Eindhoven is the new city of lights (not particularly new, as this is what they have been teaching kids in Dutch elementary schools for more than 40 years now). Or, as the annual "GLOW - International forum of Light in Art and Architecture" shows, it's the hip city of lights. Check out these cool pictures from various projects this year, with the theme "Illusion and reality":

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  1. My first ever trip to Europe and Holland was to work for Acer in Eindhoven where I spent 3 weeks. Wish I would have seen this! Exquisite.