Jan 8, 2012

Beading With Friends

Today was the monthly 'Beading With Friends' at NanC's. These get-togethers with fellow beaders always guarantees plenty of food for thought; today's contemplations were coming from reading the book 'Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery' by Leanne Prain. Some quotes from this book reflect why I love to bead, embroider and all the other things I do.

 Embroidery is offering meditative calm, a necessary respite from the chaos of everyday. It allows us to be silent but not subservient - Leanne Prain -

 Embroidery requires thought, care and commitment, which are qualities that make relationships lasting and meaningful. - Ivava Olenick -

 I embroider as an antidote to the heightened pace and fleeting nature of contemporary dating and modes of communication. - Ivava Olenick -

 Last summer I created this embroidered piece, called "The story of my life". Once I got going, I quickly realized that this canvas, but also any other canvas, is not large enough to capture that story. :)

So I hope many more canvasses will follow as my life's story continues to evolve.

 GABROEN on behalf of Gabri


  1. I love the story of your life so far.........

  2. The more I look at your little canvas the more I see. I really like how you picked out Jeroen and your little dog with the hot yellow-green prickly halos. Can't wait to see more!