Jan 6, 2012

The heat is on

Today was unseasonably warm around the Midwest, with temperatures approaching 50oF (10oC) and plenty of sunshine. I like to think that the sun decided to shine a little brighter today. Just because it's nice to think so. And today's sunset certainly inspired (or should I say ignited) such a thought. The sky seemed to be on fire, and it felt like the heat was on.

I was walking on campus, from a meeting back to my office (close to a mile apart), and was taking this picture with my company blackberry. You need authorization to take pictures on campus, and I would not be surprised it's also prohibited to use company phones for such personal pleasure, but what the heck. If the sky is on fire, one should break the rules. And any day the sun decides to shine a little brighter, I'm sure I can count on some forgiveness.


  1. I'd say the photo was worth the risk!