Jan 22, 2012

Well, well, we even enjoyed the snow.....

.......for an hour.

By the time we bought our snowshoes last winter, the snow was gone. So now that the snow has finally returned we had to venture out - sun or no sun. We got about 10 inches of snow on Friday.
Ruba's facilities Friday night.
Although the light on the pictures suggests it is late afternoon; it's not! It's 11am, overcast and more snow in the air.

Fort Sheridan watertower

Some light far far away in Wisconsin. Not here.
 Jan en Tine: zijn jullie niet reuze blij in Florida? Mmmmmmmm 28oC en strand!

Our winter neighbors.


  1. next year I am coming to visit you in February!

  2. SNOW! Feel free to send some down here. We'll take it.

    I love the birdy picture. Is the caption suggesting a rendezvous to Florida?

  3. Florida is around the corner:)