Jan 31, 2012

The start of a Marigold flower

Last weekend I took 2 workshops with Bead Master Huib Petersen. He's a genius! He can bead every flower, every critter you can think of. We were supposed to bead an Anemone.
I finished the leaves (very challenging piece of beading!) and started the flower (2-drop peyote). I soon got stuck with my first leaf and Huib asked me if I knew how to read the diagram. "Uuuh, obviously NOT".
Well, I finished half a leaf. I'm happy.

The second day's project is called 'Talons' and these are kind of a dragon tail links.
What a brain challenge!!
3-Dimensional Right Angle Weave. I think this is the most challenging piece I've done ever. Squares, triangles attached right, left, up or down. What is this man thinking!

After spending 9 hours at the workshop, I finished one whole link and another half.
I hope to finish it somewhere this year. But I learned more from Huib than I imagined when I signed up for these classes. Thank you Huib!

The main reason I took the anemone class was.....I needed a Marigold flower for my mask. And see, here's the start....

Happy Tuesday!


  1. HI Gabriƫlla,
    Mooi werk, dat kleine ding (bloemetje?) krijg ik niet uitvergroot en kan het jammer genoeg niet goed zien. Leuk zo'n les van een Nederlander.

  2. Wow! This is going to be some awesome beading. I'm so happy you're enjoying!