Jan 18, 2012

Party in AZ

Saturday, our last day of the Kate & Kyle adventure in Tucson, turned out to be another highlight. While Gabri finished her first horned bracelet and immediately jump-started a second, Jeroen joined Kyle's photo workshop with Doriot, Robin, Diana, Jean and new addition Sarah Imholt. After exploring the all powerful trinity of aperture, shutter speed and film speed, we played with different lighting and it was Jeroen's turn to model his serial killer mugshot in front of the camera in stead of behind it. 

A field trip to Tucson's Arroyo Chico resulted in coyote sightings, rock star in prickly pear pictures and a cover for the soon to be released new album, book or movie (still to be decided, but Kyle and Photoshop can make either one happen within minutes) by Augurk LikKen. Kate's pool and street front became the exciting set of another Cassidy photo shoot, involving dress up in extravagant dresses for all the ladies. First up was red fury Doriot, complete with jump cables, a crow bar and a cookie sheet. Whether in a red or blue dress, she scared the hell out of the Mormons doing house calls in the neighborhood. Next up were Sarah and the $150 bottle of scotch, a killer scene by Jean in the middle of the street and both Diana and Robin hugging trees each in their own way. 

The backdrop of palm trees and dusk skies made for a very interesting atmosphere. I'm not sure the neighbors agreed, but hey.... they should be grateful for not receiving the house call that afternoon. And I wouldn't argue with these ladies..........

 And for the final shots in the street: bring in Kate's Mazda Myata. Kate rocking it on top of the trunk, and Gabriella glamouring it in another smashing dress, pink this time. 

To top it all off, Sarah served up her first surprise to the group: we already enjoyed her company, but she quickly yoga-ed herself like a pretzel upside down in the Myata to add a surreal element to Gabri's glamour shoot. 

Sarah had another surprise up her sleeveless silk dress when she started directing the evening shots of Kate at the pool. She was precise, concise and clear in telling Robin as gripper, Kyle and Jeroen as flash holders, and Kate as model what she wanted when. And the shots are just beautiful. 

More sleeveless dresses meant more surprises, as Kate's house started to fill up with a dozen roller derby girls dressed to kill and to do another Cassidy shoot later that evening at their training track. Doriot had exchanged the jumping cables and crow bar for tools to make a killer chicken salad and all was good. Oh wait, what would such an evening be without a belly dancer? Sure enough, Kate invited a belly dancer over for a poolside performance. Serious party in AZ.



  1. Wat een mooie foto serie, wie had dat gedacht, mijn dochter als fotomodel!

  2. Wat een mooie foto serie, wie had dat gedacht, mijn dochter als fotomodel!

  3. Uw dochter is schoonheid is een geschenk uit de hemel voor onze cameras!

    I think I said "Your daughter's beauty is a gift from heaven for our cameras."

  4. @Kate: hoe in vredesnaam heb je dat voor elkaar gekregen? Or: how in heaven's name did you manage to do that. Your Dutch is pretty good - only one minor error!! Mom will appreciate it

  5. You all are better looking than movie stars!

  6. Oh yay! I'm so glad (zo blij!) I met you guys! That was a fantastic day.

    I have a few more Gabriella photos up my sleeve ...