Jan 16, 2012

Hunting down evening dresses

Friday, day 2 in Tucson. After yesterday's photo shoot, one can easily get used to seeing Gabri in an evening dress. It's very pleasing to the eyes. And why wait for the occasion if you can create one any time? She looked smashing in the vermillion dress in the desert, but also while in line for the restroom in Poco and Mom's messy kitchen where we had breakfast, or when licked by a horse. This clearly asks for more, so today is devoted to hunting down the local antique and thrift stores for some prom dresses. Unsuccessful, but we do pick up some interesting finds: Jean scored five (!) polka dot dresses and books on distilling your own alcoholic beverages and on the Male Motor from 1927 (don't ask, just frown). Kyle invested in shoes that he hopes will take him through 2015, and Gabri found an antique lead spool with antique tiny glass beads from "Tombstone I was told". Having visited Tombstone Arizona last year, we'll gladly accept that story. Topping this was her one suit sailor outfit with 1980s shoulder pads for $3.50 (50% off on Friday); definitely party worthy, but I also see some Helmut Newton or Pierre et Gilles inspired photos in the future.

Gabri finished a stunning, vermillion (what else is there) horned bracelet that will be showcased in Kate&Jean's new bead book. Robin Douglas continued her intriguing chain mail work in silver, Jean fiddled with some beads and Jeroen with a gun and a camera (see the earlier 'Hummers' post).

The party is complete with the arrival of Doriot Lair from San Diego and Diana Cannon from Chicago, all in time for dinner at Delectables, shots of whiskey and pickle juice, a party in the Barbie Coach and for Saturday's photo class by Kyle.

Drinks and beading


  1. ah and I missed it.....sigh, sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!

  2. Just happened to see your post about your Tombstone bead find. The beads were imported by Shirley from Tombstone beads. The beads are from a French Bead Company that she purchased a few years ago.
    The beads are very very old......Perhaps 18th century......Good find! She had many colors of them at The Rodeway Tucson Show several years ago.

  3. @ Marcie: Thank you! How do you know all this?

  4. I have been buying and selling antique and vintage beads since the late 1970s. I have known Shirley for many years. She and her ex husband Pierre Bovis owned Bovis beads in Santa Fe and then San Diego. They imported beautiful French seed beads from a company in France that has since gone out of business. I used to buy beads wholesale from them when I opened my shop in SD in 1979. Shirley may still have some of the antique spools available? I hope to see her in Tucson in a couple of weeks. I can check with her if you have any interest?