Mar 31, 2013

Cool collective

What do you get when you put together a vibrafone player from Albany NY, a bassist from New Zealand, pianist from Venezuela, trombonist from Philly, two saxophonists from Puerto Rico, a Tel Aviv trumpetist and a drummer from. ? Well, GABROEN found out Saturday night that that makes a pretty cool collective. The SF Jazz Collective that is, and they played a four night home game at the brand new, beautiful small scale SF Jazz Center. Since the Collective started in 2004, they pay tribute annually to a jazz master. This year it was Chick Corea, and each member of the Collective created his own rendition of a Corea song. Highlights of the evening: the venue, "Home is" by the Tel Aviv trompettist and "Space circus" by the tenor saxophonist. Lowlights of the night: drink service took longer than the intermission time, and someone in front of us setting off a ferocious hydrogen sulfide stinker. Despite these, a great evening. They used this night for recording their 2013 live album. - can't wait for it to come out.........

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