Mar 21, 2013

Double U as in utterly unreliable

I guess the Friday geese were not so trustworthy after all, so perhaps they flew in a double U formation as to say 'utterly unreliable' in forecasting that spring is about to spring on us. Or i have missed them turning their formation in reverse and fly southbound like a big M. Either way, we got hit by another cold spell, and it is a bloody cold one with wind chills around 0 Fahrenheit or -17 Celsius. At least the sun is out, so it looks nice from the comfort of a heated home.

Our Mexican hairless Ruba is wearing two hooded sweaters and a jacket, but for obvious reasons her almost 16 year old bum still is exposed to the frigid winds when we take her out. Nonetheless, she refuses to use the potty pad we got her in the spare bathroom. She will sit on the pad, but with a look on her face like "all these years you made me do my thing outside, and now you come up with this fake grass thing? Forget it". Well, have it your way, Missy. She is incredibly quick for her age, running back inside to park her bum in the sun. Life's not so bad, just the 45 seconds she's out there three times a day.

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  1. En Ruba heeft nog gelijk ook!
    Groet, Marianne