Mar 27, 2013

More beacons

I'll just continue blogging about Spring signals, in case there are some weather gods that happen to follow GABROEN. Although temperatures are still far from balmy, the red robins and red-winged blackbirds have returned from the South and most Canadian geese have left for the North. And since 2 weeks, the finches are tsjirping, the blackbirds are gurgling, the starlings are copying. So at least it sounds different from hardcore Winter. We're supposed to get up to 50 Fahrenheit on Saturday, but back down to the 30s on Monday. A little different from the same time last year (see posts from that time by clicking Macro Spring or More craziness)

GABROEN figured, if Spring doesn't come naturally, we just go ahead and buy it. As in buying a bunch of tulips from Holland at our local Trader Joe's, or daffodils from who knows where at our local supermarket. Color splash!

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  1. Hi Gabroen,
    Aan deze blog te merken was het goed weer SF
    De foto van de tulp is heel mooi.
    Groet, Marianne