Mar 30, 2013

San Fran smitten

GABROEN is spending Easter weekend in San Francisco, at the new Potrero Hill patch of our friends Joanne and Jeff. They moved in just a mere 2 weeks ago, but had a nice guest bedroom ready for us. On Saturday we walked our callosities off from the neat farmer's market at the Ferry Building, up and down Telegraph Hill, up and down Nob Hill, and up and down a couple of other hills.
Twelve thousand steps, or 7 miles later, we ended at Hayes' Valley for well-deserved lunch and ice cream. The Smitten ice cream was a new concept, sold out of a refurbished shipping container and made to order right on the spot using liquid nitrogen. They have 4 ice making machines named Kelvin, so can make 4 different flavors each day. We ended up choosing pure chocolate, blood orange and mint-chocolate chip. And surprisingly, the mint was awesomely minty and fresh. Pretty cool stuff, that smitten ice cream.

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