Mar 24, 2013


it becomes very obvious from the "Picasso and Chicago" exhibit at the Art Institute (see yesterday's post Pablo Chicago) that Picasso was inspired by bulls. Whether as a symbol of Spain is his political anti-Franco sketches, as a mythical minotaur with a muscular male body with bull's head and tail just a little too high on his lower back, or as a powerful and passionate beast that overcomes the female matador in his genius pencil drawings, the bull is present throughout his life's work.
The bull also descended on the Art Institute. Next to many minotaurs and bulls in sketches, drawings, book illustrations and paintings, this was the first time GABROEN saw the famous series of eleven bull drawings. These eleven evolve from a realistic spanish beast through cubism and abstraction to a mere few lines, drawn without hesitation.

I was lucky to be accompanied at the exhibit and in life by a Taurus. I am not big on astrology, so am not really familiar with the traits the stars attribute to her. Obviously, by picturing a bull, I can come up with some on my own, just like Picasso did when he drew the impressive animal without hesitating: passionate, headstrong, beautiful.

Yep, sounds like my Taura. Here she is, descending from the Art Institute.

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