Mar 15, 2013

Double V

This morning I saw a flock of Canadian geese, not in their typical V formation, but in a W. Which reminded me: if the letter 'W' looks like two Vs, why the heck is it called a double U? Anyway, more important than the shape of their flock formation was the actual direction it was headed. They were flying northbound. NORTHBOUND! Back to Canada, back to Spring!

I have much more confidence in the forecasting powers of the obnoxious geese than the local weathermen and -women, so seeing the double V up in the sky made my Friday. Maybe the shape of the flock formation was important after all. I bet (or like to think) the geese were flying in that formation as to say:

W for Well, it's about time.

or :

W for Wowee, spring is around the corner!


W for We just read Forbes' listing of most miserable cities to flock to.

Or perhaps it was just a matter of two Captains Goose in one flock, and both wanted to be up front. I don't blame them - as they say: if you're in the lead you see where you're going; if you're not in the lead, you only see a$#holes.

Regardless, I trust this flock's forecast that spring is coming. Even when the weatherhumans are saying it will snow again tonight and Monday.

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  1. Dag Jeroen,
    Je verhaal over de ganzen is aardig, maar lente?? voorlopig kan ik het vergeten. Vanmiddag om 12 uur begint hier de officiƫle lente,doch vanmorgen werd ik gewekt door een flinke sneeuwbui en 2gr. boven nul. Misschien krijgen we wel een hele mooie zomer.
    Dan is de lange winter weer snel vergeten. Hoop jullie gauw weer te zien. Liefs Marianne